Is there a Mac beta yet?

Just saw there’s apparently people with access on Windows. Was wondering if there’s a Mac beta yet. I haven’t gotten a steam link or anything yet.


Hi! Not yet. Linux will be first.

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I missed the project on Kickstarter but am a Linux user and would be glad to help testing when a build is available (maybe there’s still a way to back the game?). I already am part of the test team for other hard simulators like Alliance Space Guard (not on Linux sadly), amd Meco Rocket Simulator would be another interesting aspect to explore.

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Welcome! I hope to have subsequent Kickstarter to fund further development of Meco, but only after the rewards for current backers are fulfilled. Thanks for your interest, stay tuned for any news of testers wanted in the future!

Hello! I’m just confused right now. I backed the game over kickstarter and in the FAQ it says there will be some sort of a release in April '23. I never got a link to a beta or a first build or anything.
Don’t get me wrong: I can wait till the game is in EA and ready to be shipped, but there is no other timing or emails on closed and open betas, not even for kickstarter backers.
If I missed something very obvious, please feel free to call me out or even delete this post :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Congratulations on your first post here. :slight_smile: Thanks for checking in, and I apologize for not being clear about this.

I have posted several updates on Kickstarter (~ Once every eight weeks). I am not sure if you have been notified and seen them.

In a nutshell, the release date got pushed back by three major factors:

  • I decided to move towards making the UI open-source, which required a port from our custom game engine to TypeScript, HTML5, and Electron.

  • The rise of Generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT, StableDiffusion) made it necessary to evaluate their potential impact on Meco’s development.

  • Gas network simulation needed an overhaul to make it more robust and eliminate a deal-breaker bug (Gas valves not working).

If all goes well, we are looking at a closed beta launch in the next month or two. The complex nature of Meco makes it hard to nail a timeline.

View all updates in detail here: