Space And The Economic Recession

Currently with the world entering a recession and uncertain times being upon us, we may have a reduced amount of launches, less ambition in the space industry as a whole and increased launch costs as well as reduced market growth, or even a regression. Small satellites have seen an increase of 30% with regard to launch cost (this is in the 200 kilogram range). Rideshare launches are also seeing an increase in cost.

The demand has increased for mid-and high inclination orbital launches, competition might help to reduce the costs here, but with the entire world economy looking worse for wear might not completely bandaid the costs. Customers might be more likely to take up the cost of the launches.

and own knowledge of the world’s economic state, for more information on this, visit:
Sharp Slowdown in Growth Could be Widespread, Increasing Risks to Global Economy | World Bank Expert Answers

With the USA growth declining to 0.7% as a forecast. Economic Forecast for the US Economy

This looks to be a rough year for the space industry as well as all other industries. But it might be worse with the monopoly SpaceX has.

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